In this course you will learn to:

Identify classes of oil tankers; describe the transport characteristics, e.g., typical route and cargo specification for each class of tanker.

Describe and apply common types of charter contracts used for crude oil shipments (Incoterms).

Calculate the cost of transporting a shipment of oil using the Worldscale pricing system.

Explain the relative economics associated with pipeline, rail, tanker, and other transport methods.

Describe how pipeline shipment times and unexpected disruptions in shipments can impact commodity traders and oil consumers.

Differentiate types of crude oil storage facilities, including above-ground, below-ground, tanker ship and pipeline; explain how storage level reports are generated.

Discuss the content and use of primary inventory storage reports produced by different agencies including the EIA, IEA, and the JODI framework.

This course is closed for enrollment.

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